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Særimner 2013: Nordic artisan food - Nordiskt mathantverk, Österund

Basic information
Eldrimner newsletter August 2013 (in Swedish)
Eldrimner newsletter in October 2013 (in Swedish)
Participants in SM i Mathantverk 2013

Press material
NEWS (11.10.2013): SM-guld till Marskogens ölkorv Åland (Nya Åland)
PRESS RELEASE (10.10.2013): Årets vinnare på SM i Mathantverk
TV-NEWS (9.10.2013): Fortfarande få jobb i växande bransch (SVT)
NEWS (9.10.2013): Här koras Sveriges bästa mat (Östersunds Posten)
PRESS RELEASE (4.10.2013): Välkommen till Saerimner 2013
PRESS RELEASE (4.10.2013): Välkommen till Öppna SM i Mathantverk 2013
PRESS RELEASE (4.9.2013): This year's participants in Eldrimner's Swedish Championships in Artisan Food 
NEWS (26.8.2013): Anmäl dig senast 26.8 till Öppna SM i Mathantverk 2013
(20.6.2013, in Swedish)
VIDEO (in English)

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Further information 
Gunnþórunn Einarsdóttir, Project Manager, NNF and Bioeconomics, gunna@If you can see this, please update your
Bettina C. Lindfors, Communications Adviser, New Nordic Food II, bettina.c.lindfors@If you can see this, please update your , +358 (0) 50 599 5244

On the 8-10th of October Særimner 2013 seminar is held in Östersund in Sweden. Eldrimner and New Nordic Food II welcomes artisan food producers and others from all the Nordic countries to take part in Særimner, an idea and knowledge forum for artisan food. The programme of the seminar will consist of artisan food workshops mixed with debates and lectures on the theme "Artisan Food from the Nordic Countries". The seminars will mostly be held in Swedish.

A competition between artisan food producers will be held and is open for artisan food producers in all the Nordic countries.

Read more about Saerimner 2013 in Swedish on Eldrimner webpage here