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New Nordic Food II programme

In the last decade, the diverse Nordic food culture has made a comeback at home and made its mark around the world. Consequently, by forming the New Nordic Food programme, the Nordic governments have succeeded in their aim; to make people more aware of the Nordic cuisine and to put the region on the gastronomic map of the world.

New Nordic Food II Organisation chart 2013

New Nordic Food is for all who appreciate Nordic food . Consumers and gourmets, producers and nutritional experts should all benefit from the ongoing efforts to get local food and produce onto the plates of Nordic homes and kitchens. The programme builds upon the Nordic Kitchen manifesto, which was signed in 2004. It concerns the Nordic kitchens significant traits, i.e. cooking with pure and healthy ingredients from the land and the sea. It cultivates our common food culture and builds on the qualities of our region: pure, simple and safe food, produced to a high ethical standard.

At the same time the ambitions of the New Nordic Food programme is to strengthen the region's competitive edge on the increasingly aggressive global food market. The New Nordic Food II programme runs from 2011 to 2014. It is led by a steering committee which includes representatives from the business as well as the political sector, the gastronomic world, food producers, consumers and the tourist industry.

The members of the steering committee have agreed upon the following themes for New Nordic Food II:  
• New Nordic Food (branding)  
• The Pleasure of Food - Enjoyment and Identity  
• Healthy eating  
• The Experience Economy/ Tourism and The Creative Industries  
• Small Scale Food Production