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The Nordic countries as a sustainable gastronomic region

The Nordic countries as a gastronomic region

Project Scandinavian Light and Design, Vienna (November 2014)
Project managers: Charlotta Ranert, and Elisabet Skylare,

Workshop Nordic countries as a gastronomic region, Stockholm (31.5-1.6.2012)
Project Manager: Charlotta Ranert, charlotta@If you can see this, please update your 

In their efforts to strengthen their brands and to attract visitors, tourism organizations in all Nordic countries use food and the culinary heritage as a selling point. Foreign tourists usually stay in more than one Nordic country, during their visit to this part of the world. The purpose of this meeting was therefore to network, find synergies in each other’s work and jointly prepare proposals for how we can continue to work to market the Nordic region as a distinct gastronomic destination to international visitors. The workshop was open to all who work strategically with gastronomic tourism on a national or regional level in the Nordic countries.

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