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Seaweed - The Maritime Initiative

Project manager: Janet Fríða Johannesen,

The potential for a larger production and harvest of algae and seaweed in the Nordic region is great and so far unexplored. A workshop concerning seaweed and algae was therefore held at the Nordatlantiske Brygge in Copenhagen on the 29 and 30 August 2011. The aim of the meeting was to, in workshops, share experience, knowledge and visions in this area. Furthermore, to discuss the possible Nordic dimension in this field. Those taking part in the workshop wished for more activity in the Nordic seaweed production and more regional seaweed projects.

Consumer interest in seaweed from local sources is growing. Furthermore, a large number of Nordic restaurants have put seaweed on their menus. In Denmark, Northern Europe's first seaweed grower is ready to put his produce on the market. Moreover, on Iceland several small scale operators provide the market with both wild and farmed seaweed and on the Faroe islands and Greenland plans are to increase utilization of natural seaweed resources. Norway uses seaweed mainly for the production of alginate for technical purposes. However, activities around seaweed farming and the exploitation of natural seaweed resources for food are taking place.

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Bild: Bettina Lindfors/NNM II