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Food & Culture


Project manager: Bettina Lindfors,

The New Nordic Food programme, together with Kulturkontakt Nord and food operators in Finland, arranged food related activities during the Nordic festival of culture, TING 2012. The festival was held in Helsinki on the 25 October to 4 November in conjunction with the Nordic Council's 64th session. The purpose of the collaboration between NNM II and Kulturkontakt Nord was to bring value to Nordic food in the eyes of the media and public by showing eating as a cultural activity.  Project partner was KreaNord. 


Project manager: Mads Holm,

In their global strategy "The Nordic Creative Region", drawn up by the Nordic Ministers for Culture, cooperation between the different ventures in the Nordic Food II programme is strongly pronounced. As a consequence, the Nordic House in Reykjavik, has been commissioned to strengthen the cultural profile of New Nordic Food for the next three years. The assignment gives the house the role as energizer and creator of cross-disciplinary initiatives between food design and culture. The seminar on Food and Literature, held in February 201o is one example. Another example is the ongoing project "Nordic Food Expedition" which was performed during the Reykjavik Festival of Culture in the autumn of 2012 and is a transformation of "The Prophecy of the Völva") into dining theatre. Furthermore, during the Reykjavik International Film Festival 2010, a number of food activities around food and film took place. 

In addition, The Nordic House, is organising a Forum for New Nordic Food Culture. The meeting, which will engage a large group of people, will debate how food and dining culture can contribute to the New Nordic Food II programme. The outcome is expected to contain tangible proposals on how the programme's focus on food and dining culture can be put into practice. Furthermore, how programme activities can become more culturally inclusive. Project partner is KreaNord.