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Public meals as the future welfare solution, 4 December, Copenhagen


Leading players in the field of transforming public meals in the Nordic Region will get together to formulate ideas and new opportunities about how to transform public meals in the future and thus create lasting social change in the region.

The meeting will be a catalyst for a process that will contribute with specific content and political attention, which will place public meals in a key position on the respective national transformation agendas.

More information:
Emil Blauert, Project Manager, New Nordic Food II,

#NORDICFOOD2024 are a series of vision workshops, which will be about how far we need to go, to realise the vision of the Nordic kitchen in a number of selected areas in 10 years' time. The idea is to invite a group of leading players from across the Nordic region to discuss which activities and visions we should work on in the future, if a stronger Nordic food culture is to be an effective solution for future societal challenges. Read more here