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Nordic Star Chefs in Japan

Project manager: Charlotta Ranert,

The project of bringing the chefs to Japan was a joint initiative by the five Nordic embassies. The purpose of the trip was to extend the Japanese knowledge of New Nordic Food and Nordic ingredients. Thus the chefs had packed their suitcases with their sharpest knives and best recipes, which they prepared with a combination of Japanese ingredients and accessible Nordic specialities such as Norwegian salmon. During their three day stay the five chefs Thorsten Schmidt (DK), Antto Melasniemi (FI), Hákon Már Örvarsson (IS), Geir Skeie (NO) and Malin Söderström (SE) had a master class at the renowned Hattori Nutrition College, a stuffed press conference at the Danish Embassy and five separate “one-night-only” dinners at some of Tokyo’s most exquisite restaurants. The events were covered down to the finest detail by Japanese, Nordic and international media and has already resulted in several articles and news items.

Basic information

Press material
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