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Strategic collaboration among Nordic countries shows satisfying results

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has conducted a midway evaluation of the programme New Nordic Food II, with the purpose of investigating how the program has worked, its results, and to provide suggestions for improvement for the next two years. The evaluation has been carried out by CMA Research.

Results show that activities planned by New Nordic Food II are carried out and that the program is on track to reach its goals. However, the results also show that the program’s general communication could become more effective, and there is a demand to better reach out to the public and raise awareness amongst ordinary people. There is also a demand for more information written in English.

Further information: 
Lena Brenner, Chair of the NNF II Steering Committee, lena.brenner@landsbygd.ax 
Magnus Gröntoft, Programme Manager, NNF II, mg@nynordiskmat.org
Bettina C. Lindfors Communications Adviser, NNF II bettina.c.lindfors@gmail.com 

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