KreaLab no 1 - how the Nordic countries can become the meeting place of the future


On the 16th and 17th of October the manifest on how the Nordic countries can become the meeting place of the future will be written. On commission from KreaNord and New Nordic Food Atelier Slice arranges the unique conference KreaLab no 1 where leading representatives from the cultural sector, business and politics will create concrete ideas on how the Nordics countries will become leading hub for developing the knowledge society.

KreaLab no 1 is not another conference. The purpose is ambitious, to start a process to turn the Nordic countries into the hub of the future. KreaLab no 1 is commissioned by KreaNord (an initiative by the Nordic Council of Ministers designed to improve the growth prospect for the region's cultural and creative industries) and New Nordic Food II (an initiative by the Nordic Council of Ministers dealing with the future of Nordic food) produced by Atelierslice. KreaLab no 1 is held at The Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm between the 16th-17th of October with circa 100 participants from all of the Nordic countries.

The phenomenon of creative and cultural businesses has gained increased attention on the political agenda in recent years. For the first time business and cultural policy unites. The phenomena has been criticized for commercializing culture and praised for culturalizing business and politics and creating new content.

To create perspective on these issues a number of leading creatives have been invited to participate on the 16th of October and the next day turn their experiences into a manifest and action plan for the future. Keynote speakers include Laura Raicovich, Mia Hägg, Reed Kram, Per Eriksson and Brent Richards. During the entire time of the conference Antto Melasniemi will together with Carsten Höller and Niklas Ekstedt turn cooking into an open process that includes the whole conference.

The 17th of October eight workshop groups will, based on their experiences and discussions from the day before, write a manifest for the future. The manifest will be communicated to the media, business and political sector upon completion.

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Atelierslice: Jan Åman,, 0767718084 Johan Jörgensen,, 0735200633
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KreaNord: Robert Nilsson, Ministry of Culture, Henrietta Schönenstern, Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications,

New Nordic Food II: Elisabet Skylare, Food and Creative Industry, New Nordic Food II,  

KreaLab no 1 is financed by KreaNord, New Nordic Food II and Atelierslice, produced by Atelierslice.

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