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Nordic Kitchen Party, Cannes (17.5.2012)

Pilot project: Food & film

The Cannes film festival is the single most important platform for promotion and sales in the film industry. In 2012, the Nordic film industries, in collaboration with New Nordic Food, invited buyers, the press and important festival organisers to a Nordic Kitchen Party. The party, which attracted 150 guests, was held at the Scandinavian Terrace in Cannes.

The Nordic Kitchen Party Cannes 2012 was a collaboration between Scandinavian Films, SF International Sales, TrustNordisk, NonStop Sales, The Yellow Affair and Level K – and Nordisk Film & TV Fond and New Nordic Food, both affiliated with the Nordic Council of Ministers.

PRESS RELEASE (24.5.2012): Nordic Kitchen Party at Cannes

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Elisabet Skylare, Project Manager Food and Creative Industry, New Nordic Food II,