Nordic food message more relevant than ever


New Nordic Food II has published its halfway report, presenting a large variety of projects promoting Nordic food culture in the region and internationally.

A popular movement continues
The report provides an overview of the many food initiatives carried out in the region in 2010-2012, based on the ideas put forward in the Nordic Kitchen Manifesto. The recent food scandals in Europe show that the Nordic cuisine ideology, promoting fresh, local and organic foods, is more relevant than ever before.

New Nordic Food II’s task is to maintain the momentum gained by Nordic cuisine in recent years. While the first programme evolved around finer gastronomy, NNF II focuses on meal quality in homes and institutions and use of food in branding and destination development.

Nordic food events around the world
Gastronomy has become an inseparable part of the region’s branding. San Francisco, Cannes, Tokyo and Washington are among the cities that have hosted New Nordic Food events in the period. Food concepts that have proved valuable in promotion of Nordic creative industries, such as music, film and gaming, are among the initiatives presented in the report.

“We have become very proud of serving our own raw materials, ingredients and products in a creative and inspirational way, and the world is watching what we are doing”, says Einar Risvik, chair of NNF II’s working group.

Quality, creativity and cultural aspects of food
NNF II’s strategic effort in the next two years will focus on improving meals in schools, hospitals and institutions, where better food can have a positive effect on learning curves, rehabilitation and public health. Taste education for children will be given special attention. Furthermore, the creative and cultural aspects of food remain a priority for the programme, as well as using food to attract tourists to the region.

Further information:
Bettina C. Lindfors, Communications advisor, NNF II, +358 (0) 50 599 5244

New Nordic Food II is a communication programme under the Nordic Council of Ministers that promotes Nordic food in the region and internationally. NNF II runs in the period 2010-2014.
NNF II focuses on improving meals in homes and institutions, strengthening children’s food culture and encouraging local food production and use of food when promoting the region. NNF II sees gastronomy as a valuable creative industry and promotes cooperation with other Nordic creative industries.

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