NNF Conference 2012: Study visits to Rikshospital Oslo and Geitmyra 5.11


STUDY VISIT TO RIKSHOSPITALET, OSLO 5. november, 13.45-15.30

Rikshospitalet in Oslo are having their kitchen rebuild to meet the demands for innovative concepts such as ‘postrestaurants’ in the wards and confectionery. Here is the oppotunity to come and see these new facilities and the ‘postrestaurants’ and also to hear about the innovative ideas and and concepts at Rikshospitalet. At the tour we’ll also hear about a unique research project focusing on blood diseases with a complex course of the disease and how a menu have been made for those patients. Patients strugling with poor condition of the mouth, in need of training their eating reflexes etc.

Contact information: Sofie Husby, tlf +45 9940 2557 sohu@plan.aau.dk


Geitmyra is a food oasis for children in the Oslo area. A food culture centre for children founded by the well-known food expert, Andreas Viestad. It provides space for children to learn and discover food and food culture from farm to table. The study visit will be a unique opportunity for you to see this place and hear Andreas talk about the activities.

The second part of the study visit will be a mini seminar about school gardens led by Niels Heine Kristensen AAU-FINe. Listen to presentations and discuss with John Fisher from USA who is a pioneer in establishing the Californian School Garden Network, and Garden Director at Life Lab Garden Classroom, UC Santa Cruz; Tore Faller, Oslo Municipality, Norway; Morten Kromann Nielsen, UCL/Madkulturen, Ellen Ravn Habekost, UCL, and Niels Heine Kristensen AAU-FINe, Denmark, who are pioneers in the work with children, young people and food. In addition, there will be a presentation on the founding of a new Nordic school gardens' network.

Contact information:

Study visit: Harriet Strandvik, tel +358 40 5592904, Harriet.strandvik@hsconsulting.ax

Mini seminar: Niels Heine Kristensen, tel +45 9940 3676, nhk@plan.aau.dk

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